The invisible man – Free stock photo

Invissible man

Photo Details: Photo Title: The invisible man. Description: Set of clothing on the floor. The clothes have come to life or they are worn by the invisible man. Anonymous person laying on the floor in a relaxed position. Empty male clothing, male laying relaxed on the floor. Male in jeans and shirt. This premium concept image is […]

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Business female giving presentation – Free stock photo

Business Female giving presentation

Photo Details: Photo Title: Business female giving presentation on laptop. Description: Businesswoman is giving a presentation on her laptop about the financial market. She is pointing with a digital pen to the current level of the stock market. Indicating the current position of the company, project or goal. This premium image is available as a royalty free […]

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Service and quality level survey – Free stock photo

Service level

Photo Details: Photo Title: Service and quality level survey. Description: Service and quality level survey. This may symbolize the quality survey given to a customer or an evaluation of an employee. This survey shows a few checkboxes where an option can be checkmarked to complete the form. The preview above has a watermark. All our free and […]

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Prayers in the Western Wall Jerusalem – Free stock photo

Prayers in the Western Wall Jerusalem

Photo Details: Photo Title: Prayers in the Western Wall Jerusalem. Description: Prayers in the Western Wall Jerusalem, Israel. This is a closeup of the wall with prayer notes between the cracks of the stones. This wall is used by the Jews to pray. The preview above has a watermark. All our free and purchased images have no […]

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Cup of coffee filled with coffee beans – Free stock photo

cup of coffee

Photo Details: Photo Title: Cup of coffee filled with coffee beans Description: Cup of coffee filled with fresh roasted coffee beans. In the corner is a hand holding a spoon. This image is excellent for menu cards or promotion material for a coffee shop or restaurant. The preview above has a watermark. All our free and purchased […]

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Signing the contract – Free Stock photo

Contract signing

Photo Details: Photo Title: Signing the contract Description: A contract like document on a desktop. In the corner of the image a hand is appearing. This may suggest that there is an action following. This image can symbolize a deal is going to happen. Maybe a new job, sale, rent or even lease contract. Have a look […]

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Male playing a video game – Free stock photo

video game

Photo Details: Photo Title: Male playing a video-game Description: Male hands are holding a digital video-game controller in front of him. He could be playing on a game console or on his computer. This image can be used to symbol gaming addiction or having fun playing a game. The hands are isolated against a grey […]

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Businessman holding digital tablet – Free stock photo

Businessman holding digital tablet

Photo Details: Photo Title: Businessman holding digital tablet Description:Businessman is holding a digital tablet in front of his face with a mood specified. You can change the moods and expressions and replace it with your own content. The preview above has a watermark. All our free and purchased images have no watermark and are ready […]

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